Michael Worobec - Crescent House Co-Owner
Artist & Interior Designer

Michael a leading Scottish artist and trained Art teacher leads our signature Buddha breakfast experience in addition to constantly improving our Crescent House interior design. Michael's Art plus other local Scottish artists that we support is on display and for sale throughout our Crescent House gallery spaces. Michael is also happy to provide an interior design service for your own property/business. He has created new interiors for 15 properties across the UK mainly in London and Edinburgh. His work has featured in national billboard advertising and will be featured in a new upcoming BBC One Interior Design show in autumn 2021.

  • Art & Interior Design experience: 40 years
  • Languages Spoken: English and Italian

Michael leads our more artistic engagements and offers that valuable alternative slant to the practice of change. Believing that the working environment has an effect on wellbeing - and consequently output - Michael creates his own pieces, curates others’ art and offers motivational workshops on various skills from painting to simple printing techniques in order to inspire and stimulate right-brain activity, which is often overlooked when exploring ways to re-engage colleagues. His is a rarely-mined, but emerging proposition, especially useful within the field of colleague engagement.

A professional artist, with his own studio, Michael is has set up his first gallery and events space at Crescent House in order to bring together artists, other specialists, and also colleagues and clients, within an innovative, central hub. 

Michael’s skill set includes styling, textile and interior design, illustration, and stage concept and, as Head of Art in a London school, he has designed an adventure playground and coordinated community arts festivals.