Arcadia at the Crescent

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022 - Venue 109

Following on from the success of last year’s Fringe show, Michael will again open his three-story Georgian townhouse to visitors.

A retrospective exhibition of past paintings and drawings refreshed by a new hot-off-the-press edition of prints from the series, Object Male Nude, looking at male beauty and the ever-present dogma of Classicism. Designed, curated and hosted by the award-winning Ukrainian/Italian/Scottish artist. You will enjoy a unique opportunity to discover and discuss his tastes and influences and then have the choice of taking home a Worobec after your visit.

Crescent House Art House, Guest House is an ever-changing space and residence designed and curated by the artist.

Our doors are also open for boutique B&B, private art tours, and creative events - you are most welcome to come along and have a look around. Out with advertised opening times please contact us to book a private view.

Open Friday 5th August until Monday 22nd August
12 noon - 1630 daily


Arcadia at the Crescent

Arcadia at the Crescent

The Art of Hospitality - Edinburgh Tram Advert
The Art of Hospitality - Edinburgh Tram Advert
Johnnie Walker supporting Fringe Venue 109

2021 Fringe show video - 2022 to follow

Take a video tour around Crescent House as a taster for Arcadia at the Crescent exhibition.

Award-winning artist Michael Worobec has forged a reputation for vivid, unsettling paintings which tackle deep-seated social problems, focusing in particular on the destructive power of the patriarchy.  

 ‘Art and the creative process have always been my companions in this journey of self-knowledge and acceptance. My Art has given me a voice to express my passion for social justice and self freedom’  said Michael Worobec

After two decades in London, in 2018 he returned to Edinburgh, the city of his childhood, and during this year’s Fringe festival audiences have the opportunity to meet the artist and view his extraordinary work in his own home, Crescent House, a beautiful Georgian Town House. 

Born of Italian and Ukrainian parents,  his background had decisively influenced Michael’s work and subject matter. Series of paintings such as FragmentsAfroScrap, Tattoo and Object Male Nude are showcased and discussed within this exhibition.   

But this is much more than just an exhibition. The Art of Hospitality allows the visitor to see a retrospective collection of work created over more than 20 years in a unique context -  the home and art house of the artist.  Michael has written the notes which accompany the works and will be on hand to discuss his ideas and techniques. 

Crescent House is on Claremont Crescent, a hidden gem on the very edge of the New Town. Part guest house, part art space/venue, film and tv location it is firstly and most importantly a home. Curated and designed over three years by the artist it allows the guest to see the crossover of interior and the aesthetic preoccupations at play in this fascinating and creative space.

Michael’s growing interest in politics brought him back to Edinburgh, after a successful period in London. Michael wanted to be part of this excitement, to re-engage in his Scottish roots, his community as an artist, a neighbour and a citizen of a fine country and city. 

This was to be sorely tested with Covid. Losing his studio, and trying to carry on working through financial stress and the Covid Pandemic proved difficult and bleak.  

August 2021 Michael held his first post-pandemic exhibition with great success.  The Edinburgh Fringe Festival seemed the perfect stage to announce to all that we are resilient and will play our part in the new dawn and re-ignite that flame that so encouraged his return to Edinburgh from London in 2018.

August 2022 and Michael is now in a new local Edinburgh studio and brings 'Arcadia at the Crescent' live at Crescent House during the Fringe.